Curriculum synthesis


My full name is Carlos de Paula Portela. I am the son of Euripedes Alves Portela and Cecília de Paula Souza Portela. I was born in São Paulo Maternity, in São Paulo, April 1st, 1966. My childhood was Brooklin neighborhood and I did my elementary school at Presidente Kennedy High School. In mid-1972, I moved to São Vicente, initially studying at Santa Cecilia College in Santos and, in 1973, I joined the São Vicente EEPG, popularly known as the “big group”, where I concluded the elementary school. From 1981 to 1983, I went to high school at Martim Afonso de Souza School.

I never repeated a grade, I passed the exam to graduation in 1984, when I was 17, starting the full-time Psychology course at PUC of Sao Paulo. Because I had difficulties in subsistence, I decided to continue and finish my course in a college that had night courses (to get a job). Thus, I got a bachelor's degree on Psychology at São Marcos University. However, one year before to join undergraduate certificate, I begun master's degree as a special student. I had initiated my research analyzing behavioral and physiological alteractions due anxiety and stress events under allergic sensitizition. In 1999 I obtained a Master degree in ​​Neuroscience and Behavior, at Institute of Psychology of USP. A few weeks later, I started doctorate level studies, which were fucused on pharmacology and behavioral aspects of asthmatic responses under social stress. The doctor degreee was certificated by Institute of Biomedical Sciences of USP, in 2004. In 2005 I started a postdoctoral fellow in Neuroimmunomodulation, developing a research that had covered behaviors and immune inflammatory responses in those social stress model. Most studies was conducted with support of the Pathology Department of USP's Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics, where I completed my studies in 2009.

In summary, my research line were first investigate the role of operant and respondent conditioning in triggering anxiety and stress and evaluated the impacts these events have on psycho-neuroimmune responses. Later, during my studies I focused my research on social stress and neuroimmunomodulation of the pulmonary allergic inflammatory response. For more details, click and visit my Lattes Curriculum.

Nowadays I have been working as a university lecturer since 2000, when I was first hired by UNIP University. I also taught undergraduate at UNIB and postgraduate courses in Psychopedagogy at UNINOVE. Over these 20 years, I was responsible for disciplines such as Physiology, Neuroanatomy, Experimental Psychology, among many others. Since 2015, until now, I am a full professor of Psychology at UNIFUNEC (University Center of Santa Fe do Sul-SP), where I also work as editor of Funec Scientific Multidisciplinary Magazine, ad hoc consultant and I am supervising the internship of students at Hospital Holy House of Santa Fe do Sul.

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