Childhood memories



Is the part of my site where are personal aspects of my life.

Here you find some of my memories. My circle of friendships and personalities that have been or deserve to be highlighted in my life are gathered here. Discover here a little about my family history, my hobbies and other things that I consider important.

Although I was born in São Paulo, my childhood and adolescence were in a beach city nameled São Vicente. As a child, I used to cycle for hours and at home enjoyed reading and, in my spare time, taking care of many aquariums.

At the age of eight, I took out my amateur fishing license of a government fishing control agency. I fished daily with all fishing equipments as net and reels, catching crabs in cages, using chicken offal as bait. Also at this age I started taking pictures with a Kodak Instamatic camera and never stopped shooting, although I did not professionalize myself.

In my childhood, I spent hours on the little beaches, like the one in the picture I'm on a rock, taken on the beach of Edifício Grajaú, where several actors from the broadcast Rede Globo spent their seasons. It was common to find some TV celebrities there, who were in restaurants near that building as the Boa Vista Restaurant.

In the morning, besides build sandcastles, I loved to run along with the Domani and Zuck race dogs. Years later, I learned that this man, who brought his dogs for a walk on the beach, was the famous artist Darcy Penteado.

Also, around this age I started surfing on Itararé beach and later took the skydiving course and jumped in Boituva using this photo parachute, which is an old army model known as the T-10.

I don't have a definite hobby. I like old things and I am very attached to an old car that I never sell, a Ford Belina year 1983.

During my professional life, before the stricto sensu graduate, I highlight important and unusual experiences. I was part of a team of archivists of the well-known newspaper "O Estado de São Paulo", which was responsible for alphabetizing, one by one, the records of individuals and legal entities for the preparation of telephone directories of graphic OESP. Later, as a free lance in the market research area, I was the first Brazilian to conduct a telephone survey and also the first to use a digital data collection system in place of the paper forms used in the interviews. Another highlight in my research life was in politics. Among several works in which I got participated, I even coordinated the research of "Rede Globo" in the election for President of the Republic in 1989, when the station hired the Toledo & Associates Institute, where I worked.